Where Does the Time Go?

5 Jun

It’s Friday, about 8PM Eastern time.  I’ve just finished working for the week.  It doesn’t seem right–some people who work in offices have summer hours, and boy, would I love to get on that schedule (with the Friday afternoon portion devoted to reading and being a little creative so that I can work on personal projects).

However, sometimes deadlines get in the way. I’ve been working on the newest edition of the E. 10th Street Civic Association’s e-newsletter, and hopefully it’ll drop next week.  The corridor that the association helps to develop is undergoing a bit of change–some renovation’s been going on at a few businesses, and construction will soon start to redevelop the streetscape.  It’s an exciting time for this area of Indianapolis, and hopefully these changes will help revitalize it.

When it’s time for me to work on the newsletter, I think I spent more time tweaking rather than actually doing the information gathering and writing.  The MailChimp software we use is pretty cool and puts out a nice product, but making it look good takes a lot of effort.  I always appreciate the work of graphic designers around this time and how it’s not so easy to “just whip something up.”  Making it look good and doing it right are really important, so I will tweak until it looks good.

I’ll soon be appreciating the work of web designers a little more too.  I also update the Civic Association’s website, and that also involves a lot of tinkering, a lot of making sure you get the code right.  One unclosed bracket, and suddenly something doesn’t look good. I’ll be making some updates to the site over the next few days, and I hope they turn out well.

I’ve been meaning to blog here a little more than I have–I want to play around a little bit with some writing, but time’s not been on my side.  Hopefully that’ll change soon.

What do you think?

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