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11 Jul

I’ve been catching up on reading my stack of Vanity Fair magazines.  Whenever I blitz through a large amount of one title–be it a book series, a TV show, or a magazine–I start thinking in the style of that title.  A “Mad Men” marathon makes me want to have a cocktail and act like a proper lady of the 60s. A few Jen Lancaster essays bring out the funny in me.  Several issues of Vanity Fair have me thinking about “My Stuff.”

The “My Stuff” column/feature in the front section of Vanity Fair features some creative–usually one behind the scenes, a stylist, designer, etc., and it lists out the brands they own in different categories.  To what end, I’m not exactly sure–you see the things that inspire these people?  If you buy these brands, you too can be a creative?  The rich and successful also buy some mass market brands, which means you’re just like them?  You, Jill, should run to Kiehl’s and buy some product?  You know you want to!

At any rate, after I read a few of these, I usually think about My Stuff and how it compares to the person’s featured.  I thought it might be fun to list it out for you.  Vanity Fair–feel free to drop me a line whenever you want to show the inspirational stuff of a “successful” (depending on your definition of the word) writer.

My Stuff:  Jill Jaracz

A recent transplant to the Boston area, Jill Jaracz is one of the many working writers you’ve never heard of.  Her successful career as a full-time writer began in 2008 when her husband encouraged her to quit her research job and follow her passion.  She’s making a respectable go of it and now enjoys writing about consumer goods and travel, among other topics.  Herewith, her favorite things…


SHAMPOO:  Goldwell Dual Senses


TOOTHPASTE:  Sensodyne Pronamel

SOAP:  Zest/hotel shower gel

HAIR PRODUCTS:  Redken spray mousse, White Rain hair spray.


WHERE DO YOU LIVE:  Boston area

FAVORITE ARTIST:  Georges Seurat

SHEETS:  Marshall Field’s Field Gear (R.I.P., Field’s!)

LUGGAGE:  This awesome orange rolling suitcase I got at a Japanese discount store, L.L. Bean, American Tourister

STATIONERY:  Papyrus, some Domo-kun self-mailers

STEMWARE:  Crate & Barrel

CHINA:  Lenox Federal Cobalt


CAR:  2010 Ford Focus

FAVORITE COCKTAIL:  Rum Sidecar, Fitzgerald, Gin Rickey

FAVORITE SNACK:  Salty:  Tortilla chips (preferably El Milagro), potato chips (Jay’s ruffled).  Sweet:  Chocolate cake with buttercream icing, chocolate chip cookies.


JEANS:  Eddie Bauer

LINGERIE:  Hanes, Victoria’s Secret, Target’s brand

SNEAKERS:  Brooks Adrenaline

DRESS SHOES:  Oh, I need a pair

T-SHIRT:  American Apparel, 5K race t-shirts


EVENING DRESS:   Usually pants

DAY BAG:  Some cheap black thing

EVENING BAG:  Kate Spade that I won in a contest.


JEWELRY YOU NEVER TAKE OFF:  Wedding rings and watch

SUNGLASSES:  Walgreen’s


FAVORITE DISCOVERY:  Nacional 27’s cocktails in Chicago; a fitness trail in Tokyo

WHO INSPIRES YOU:  Funny people, and a great roller derby officiating team

NECESSARY EXTRAVAGANCE:  Travel and good cocktails


FAVORITE HOTEL:  Mitsui Garden Hotel, Ginza in Tokyo


FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD:  Wherever the Boy and I go

FAVORITE PEN:  I have a nice Waterman, but I’m also quite partial to Pilot ball points, and some freebie ball points I’ve picked up along the way.

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