What’s Your Business Website Telling People?

10 Aug

Last night, some friends and I thought we were going to help a good cause.  We ended up just having dinner instead.

On July 20, one of these friends had sent us a link on Facebook:  Did we want to go to Redbones‘ annual Pig Pickin’, a benefit for the Somerville Homeless Coalition?  BBQ sounded good to us, so we made plans based off of the link she sent.  Pig Pickin’, August 9, $20/person.  Fantastic!

Except that we had the wrong date because we’d been looking at the wrong press release.  When my friend Googled the event, the first result that came up at the time was a press release from 2004.  She didn’t notice the release date in the upper left hand corner–none of us did–and the body of the release didn’t include the year.

I didn’t notice this until I dialed up the restaurant’s site to get directions.  The events page had pictures from the Pig Pickin’, and after some quick digging, I discovered that we’d missed the event by a week.  That’s when I saw the 2004 on the press release.

We missed the event and the opportunity to help a non-profit because of misinformation.  Keeping a website current can be one of the toughest marketing problems a company has to deal with.  This is especially difficult for small businesses and organizations that are strapped for time and money.  A website is a must-have for a business, but it takes a surprising amount of time to post new information and make sure the old information is gone.  However, if you don’t invest that time (or money, if you choose to farm out the work), you risk losing business–or like in this case, a non-profit lost out on some donations.

I have a client who uses my services to help keep its website current.  Some months are more demanding than others, but it’s all work that the client just doesn’t have time to do in-house.  My client’s website is now more current, which helps it maintain a steady stream of valid information for its target audience.

Should you need help with the information on your business’ website, please contact me at jilljaracz AT yahoo DOT com.  I can evaluate your needs and set up a workable and affordable plan to help maintain your online message.

What do you think?

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