Rolling Through the Year

21 Apr

Yesterday I spent a little time updating the “Experience” portion of this website, and I noticed I hadn’t written a blog post in months. Months! Talk about a way to trigger some Calvinist guilt!

I spent a little time pondering about ways to rectify this situation. Because this is the place for my professional life, I don’t always know what to say beyond, “I’ve published this article!” or “I’m still working on that novel!” or “Another rejection?  That’s OK!!!!!” That gets a little boring (and like many writers, self-promotion is a little difficult for me).

I have been working though, which is nice. I’ve written a few more articles for and a trade publication for RegardingID. I’ve been pitching more ideas, which has kept me busy, but doesn’t necessarily give me any immediate bylines. Overall, the writing career is chugging along.

The other thing I’ve been focusing on is roller derby. I’m what they call a non-skating official for the Boston Derby Dames, a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Roller derby has skating referees and these non-skating officials (NSOs) who keep track of everything–score, penalties, lineups, etc. If you go to a Boston bout, you will most likely see me in the center, tracking or wrangling penalties. It’s crazy and hectic and fun. I love being an NSO–I love the tracking, the organizational aspect of it, the stats. I get to be the harmonizing aspect in officiating, and that’s what keeps me jazzed.

I’ve taken a pretty big leadership role within Boston’s officiating team, and that’s held my attention a lot this year. We have a bout every month, and I have to coordinate with Head Refs on staffing, staff the NSO side, make sure NSOs are properly trained, and do some of the post-bout data entry. It’s work, but I love doing it. I love the sport, I’m with a great league, and I get to work with some great officials. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Last Saturday, we had a doubleheader, with one bout against Philadelphia, and the other being two of our home teams. From an officiating standpoint, things went well, so I’m still riding that derby high. Hopefully it will last up to our next bout (May 14!  Shriners Auditorium! Wilmington, MA! Get your tickets now because all of our bouts this year have sold out!) and throughout the season. Ah, derby!

What do you think?

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