Wait, It’s a New Year?

5 Jan

The last half of my 2011 can pretty much be summed up with this picture:

This is the year-at-a-glance wall calendar I referenced nearly every day, a Boston Derby Dames 2011 schedule, and the dates of the WFTDA 2011 Big 5 tournaments.

Sometimes simple tools are the best, and I really loved that wall calendar, which came as a bonus in an order of Field Notes (better than Moleskines!). I taped it to the shelf next to my desk and referred to it constantly. It was much quicker to reference it than my Filofax datebook or any online calendar. I bought the Field Notes 18-month work station calendar for 2012, but I’ve taped a different year-at-a-glance freebie right next to it, because I still find I need that quick day/date reference for events that are months down the road.

The Boston Derby Dames season ended well. Our July bout went from a doubleheader to a 4-bouts-in-3-days extravaganza that was a lot of fun, but challenging in terms of staffing Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) and moving people to different positions for each bout so that they got a lot of experience. The end of the season also marked the end of my time serving as Officiating Committee Co-Head. I learned a lot from doing that position and enjoyed building an officiating crew, but it’s time for someone else to lead the group on to bigger and better things.

The last little scrap of paper is the schedule for the 2011 “Big 5,” that is, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association regional and championship tournaments. Officials who want to work at these tournaments must apply months in advance and be vetted before receiving an invitation to officiate at them. I’d orignially applied to work as an NSO for Easterns, North Centrals and Championships, and I later applied for South Centrals as well. I ended up being a Crew Head NSO for Easterns and South Centrals and the Tournament Head NSO for North Centrals and Championships. Huge honor; ton of work; amazing experience.

Between my regular deadlines and my derby work, it meant that a lot of other stuff–like blogging–got pushed to the wayside. Still, that’s no excuse, so I’m hopping back on the wagon and hope to write here a little more frequently.

2011 was a great year in many respects, and  in terms of professional work, I was able to expand into new outlets, which has given me some more confidence, especially when you’re used to getting rejections. I’m hoping this confidence plus some hard work will make this year even better.


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