Spring — or Fall — Memories

3 Jul


As a WFTDA Officiating Clinic Instructor, I’ve gotten to have some pretty amazing experiences. The highlight of this spring (at least in my hemisphere) was getting to go to Australia to teach in Sydney and Melbourne.

In between our clinics, the four American instructors decided to drive from Sydney to Melbourne. Along the way we saw the beautiful coast, a very cool blowhole, and Potoroo Palace.

Potoroo Palace is an animal sanctuary. We saw a sign on the road and started saying, “Turn right. Turn right! Turn RIGHT! TURN RIGHT!” before the driver got the hint. We didn’t know what we were in for when we paid our entry fee, but since you could buy food to feed some of the animals, we thought we’d be feeding animals through fences.

That was true, but what we also didn’t realize was that we could hang out with and pet kangaroos. You could feed them and scratch their bellies! They might even nuzzle you (looking for food, of course, but you could dream that they really liked you)! The afternoon suddenly turned into one of those magical days where you’re so glad to be alive and so grateful you’re able to have this experience.

Potoroo fulfilled pretty much all of our hopes for the trip. Along with the kangaroos, we saw flying foxes, disgruntled birds, a python eating a rat, a dingo pondering eating a baby, emus, wallabies and a very anti-social koala bear. Pure Australia.



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