Making Good

9 Jul

This year’s Stanley Cup finals led to a bit of a conundrum for me: Do I root for my old home team, the Blackhawks, or do I go with the new home team, the Bruins? That question was quickly answered when a couple of friends back in Chicago wanted to place a friendly wager on the series and I couldn’t resist. Did I feel guilty for betting against Chicago? Absolutely. And I’m certainly paying for my guilt now. 

For a while I thought I’d really win–it was an unbelievable series, and Boston had the whole “Boston Stronger” rally cry behind them. Game 3 was an especially good sign, when the B’s just walked all over the Hawks with a commanding 2-0 win. It seemed like the tide was turning and that Boston could pull it out. Long story short, they couldn’t, and now it’s time to settle up a couple of debts. 

I owe my college roommate a massage and then some sort of bonus gift for getting the number of games right. This could be wine or dinner or something of that nature. I’ll have to get creative here.

The other wager also involves a little creativity: I’m doing a “best of Boston” basket for an old work buddy I haven’t seen in a while (he was wagering Lou Malnati’s pizzas. I could not not take him up on that one). But what should I put in it? Dunkie’s K-cups, Marshmallow Fluff, NECCO wafers, and Cape Cod potato chips all seem to be no brainers. What other Massachusetts culinary delights can I include?

What do you think?

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