Postcard from Asheville

11 Oct


Asheville can be summed up in two words: Gravy flight. We found Biscuit Head on our third day in Asheville. The previous two we had gone to a nearby Waffle House, which was chosen for its proximity to the hotel and quick service in order to get our group to the roller derby venue on time for the day’s bouts. While my taste buds were sad I didn’t get more biscuity meals, my waistline is a little relieved. Asheville’s food certainly did a number on me.

Anyway, Biscuit Head’s gravy flight was pretty amazing. I chose the smoked tomato creole, the sausage gravy, and a goat cheese gravy. While I did scope out the restaurant’s jam bar, I didn’t have enough room in my stomach to really sample much beyond some bacon chocolate goodness. Even though I would’ve gladly ordered more, I thought I’d have to ask someone to roll me out the door.

I didn’t know what to expect from Asheville, but a place like Biscuit Head wasn’t it (seems logical though, right?) — the Asheville I experienced was a lot more hippieish hipster than I expected, with some flashes of the old monied South thrown in. For every chichi place I went to, like the fantastic bookstore/champagne bar, there was a funky experience to balance it out, like the couple sitting on a bench where the woman was topless and the man was wearing a bra. It’s almost as if its motto is “Asheville: It’ll make you think twice.”

Hopefully I’ll go back someday and spend more time exploring the city than its roller derby venue. Asheville has an interesting vibe, and I wouldn’t mind getting to know the place a little better.

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