Postcard from Pittsburgh

17 Oct




It does sound a little weird to say we took a 9+ hour road trip to see a giant rubber duck, but that’s what the Boy and I decided to do to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Oh, we had friends to visit, food to try, and a museum to visit, but the duck was my priority.

Pittsburgh is the first American city to get The Rubber Duck Project, Florentijn Hofman’s 40′ tall rubber duck that floated on the Allegheny River by Point State Park, where the three rivers in Pittsburgh meet. It’s a lovely location — bridges to one side, Heinz Field behind it. You can go and sit on on the revetment along the river, watch the duck and take some pictures. And you smile, because you can’t help but smile. The duck is adorable.

The park also has some great people watching. It’s fun to see the duck’s effect on others. Families take group pictures. A bride and groom took some wedding photos. And everybody’s happy. The whimsy of the entire piece just makes your day.

Was it worth the long drive? I’d say yes, although we did a bunch of other things in Pittsburgh that made for an enjoyable weekend. But the duck was pretty awesome. If you get the chance, go — it’s only in town through the 20th.  Maybe it’ll pop up in another city soon…hmm, sounds like a reason to hit the road again!

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