February Reading Update

20 Mar

My monthly reading report is almost three weeks behind because I’m still smarting at how smug I was. I didn’t buy any books in January — oh, wasn’t I incredibly fabulous and restrained? Honest to Pete, as soon as I hit “publish” on that post, the Boy and I went out for dinner, and then we decided to stop in a bookstore. And bought some books. And then the next day? I went to the Friends of the Boston Public Library’s book sale. And bought more books. I’m hanging my head in shame, although I have actually read some of them.

Here’s February’s tally:

Books bought: 5

Books read: 2

States covered: one + I repeated New York

Total geography: four states, two countries

This month’s reading list:

  • I Feed Bad About my Neck and Other Thoughts about Being a Woman – Nora Ephron (New York, again)
  • Glaciers – Alexis M. Smith (Washington)

Part of the reason I didn’t make much of a dent on my own reading list was because I spent a decent amount of time reading the first draft of a friend’s novel. I still owe another friend a look at hers too. Ah, guilt and shame raining down from everywhere!

The Nora Ephron was a quick, disappointing read. Bits of it were humorous, but it was a short book and felt more like a contractual obligation than entertainment. And it made me very depressed about getting older.

Glaciers was also a short read, about a day in the life of a librarian and unrequited love and reflections on the past and growing up in Alaska. This was a really lyrical, enjoying read.

What’s been happening in March? Well, I’m making up for lost time and getting a few more books off of my pile. Thankfully I’ve started traveling again, and if I have to wait for a plane, I usually have my nose in a book. We’ll see how much I can accomplish.


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