May Reading Update

13 Jun

Books bought: 0

Books read: 2

States covered: 1 + 1 repeat (California)

New enemy: The library

The last couple of months have been weird, Dear Reader. First, our downstairs neighbor moved to another state, so our landlord decided to update the electricity in that apartment. She asked if we’d be interested in having our electricity updated as well. Not being a big fan of knob & tube wiring and not being able to use today’s standard issue lightbulbs because they’ll do things like burn out fixtures (it happened), we agreed. This involved packing up most of our apartment and moving downstairs for a couple of weeks.

While we were downstairs, the Boy heard of an apartment opening up. It sounded like a better deal, so we checked it out…and decided to rent it. We won’t move in until the end of June, so everything’s been in boxes since then, including my stack of “to read now” books.

Never fear though, I did manage to read one book from my shelf, which was Stephanie Kuehnert’s novel I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone. It’s a coming of age story about an uber-cool girl who’s in a rock band that becomes wildly successful, but she also has a need to find her mother, who abandoned her as a little girl. This book follows these journeys.

I bought this book at a used bookstore in Chicago called Bookman’s Corner (tagline: Rare, Medium, Well-Done). It’s one of these bookshops that are floor to ceiling books, and you have to dig through a lot in order to find anything. I bought this as a cheap-o entertaining read, and it was worth the three bucks I paid for it. I left it in my airline seat back pocket on a trip to Vegas. If you happened to get it, I hope you enjoyed it. On that same trip, I managed to leave another book in the hotel room, but I hadn’t finished it (and wish I had).

Since most everything is packed, the library’s become our friend again. The Boy checked out a book called The Sportsman by Dhani Jones, and I read it before it returned it. It’s a quick read from a former pro football player who did a deep cable show where he traveled all over the world and learned different sports. That part of the book was kind of interesting. The glossiness about his life, not so much. However, this was a book I polished off in a day, so I’m not complaining.

I’ve also checked out a leadership book I wanted to read but not buy, and it’s taking me forever to read (these types of books aren’t always very engaging) and a book about writing creative non-fiction. I do have a couple of books from my shelf that I nabbed before they got packed, so maybe I’ll get through one of those this month.

Still, our new place is probably a little bit smaller, which means I may have to part with some of the titles on my shelves. That might be just as well — this packing and living with piles of boxes around me is for the birds.

Speaking of getting rid of titles, I have three copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Here Comes the Bride, in which I have an essay published, that I’m willing to give away. If you want one, drop me a line, and I’ll send you a copy!


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