Want….or Need?

24 Jul

Today I went to the hardware store to pick up some picture hangers. A trip to the hardware store is never really a quick visit because they’re full of “a hardware store has that?!?” and I find myself wandering around, looking for discovery.

This trip was no exception. I’ve decided that I’d like to have a grill. The Boy and I recently moved to an apartment that’s a little more grill-friendly than where we were living. We have a great back porch that we just built a table for, and our parking area has plenty of room for a little grill. I’m dying to cook things over flames.

The hardware store was the perfect opportunity to check out grills. My, they’re fancy. I just want a little one — one that I can stand at, through some charcoal on, and if we can’t move it when it’s time to leave this place, it’s not a big deal. That’s all I want to see when I look at grills. I don’t want to see eggs or smokers or massive outdoor kitchen setups that would make me drool. I’m excited that my new place has a dishwasher. I don’t need to acquire grill envy.

On my way back to the grills, something else caught my eye: A propane torch kit. The label sounds innocuous, but we’re basically talking about a flamethrower that you hook up to a propane tank. Ostensibly to kill weeds, but we all know there’s got to be other uses for your flamethrower.

I didn’t stop–I went back to grills. I saw what I wanted, but it didn’t have a price tag. And I saw a million other beautiful grill setups I would love to have someday. My imagination was reeling.

Of course, I had to walk by the flamethrower on my way out of the store, and I stopped to get a good look at it. And then I wondered what I could do to justify purchasing one. It was made in the USA, and the Boy loves when we can buy American. I looked at it longer, then polled friends on Facebook.  One suggested creme brûlée, and I realized I could try to get into the Guiness Book of World Records for the making the world’s largest creme brûlée.

A moment of sanity washed over me though, and I walked out of the store with no grill and no flamethrower. Check that – propane torch kit. Maybe someday. It’s something to shoot for.

What do you think?

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