2014 Reading Challenge Recap

2 Jan

Throughout 2014 I wanted to tackle my problem of buying books and not reading them. After reading a few people’s geographical reading challenges, I also thought it would be interesting to see where the authors of the books I read came from. So, while I was tracking like a geographical challenge, I wasn’t trying to make sure I covered all 50 states–I just wanted to see how diverse my collection is.

The gist? Well, let’s just say that my other plan of trimming my collection didn’t work very well. I don’t exactly know how many books I acquired this year–a day-after-Christmas family book shopping trip didn’t help, but you know what? That’s OK. While I could use more bookshelf space, I do love owning books. They help create a home.

On the flipside, I’m pleased with the number of books I read–especially given the fact that I went for long periods without reading or had books that took some time to get through–and with the ground I covered. I read a total of 27 books, covering 10 states and seven non-US countries. New York played prominently in my reading this year: Six of my books were authored by people born in that state.

I was kind of surprised to learn where people were born–authors I thought would come from Illinois or New York came from Missouri and Pennsylvania. I was pleased to read a few books from other countries, Iran being a big surprise.

What happens next? Well, I still have a lot of books to read. A lot of books. Including finishing the 9/11 Commission Report (@Wendy: It’s still interesting, but it’s got a lot of notes and for me it’s pretty involved reading, much more than just reading to unwind at the end of the day). I’m still going to track them geographically on a Google Doc because I do like trying to get the larger perspective that authors from not-where-I-live-or-am-from give me. I’ll also try to keep my Goodreads shelf up-to-date, and of course I’ll post here about books and reading from time to time.

I’m excited to see what 2015 has in store–will I finish more books? What areas of the country and world will they cover? Am I limiting myself by who I read, or am I continuing to explore what the world of literature has to offer?

What do you think?

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