Looking Back, Looking Ahead

2 Jan

Happy New Year!

Are you excited about 2015? After 2014, I certainly am. Not that 2014 was awful–I certainly had a lot of great adventures and good times, including:

  • Going to New Zealand for the second time and Australia for the third (both locations I’d hoped to visit once in my life, let alone multiple times)
  • Skydiving over the Australian coast (also something I hadn’t planned on doing)
  • Soaking in mineral springs
  • Having a hotel with its own trampoline
  • Teaching at five roller derby officiating clinics, one of which was at a funeral museum
  • Getting to be a Crew Head Non-Skating Official at a new major roller derby tournament
  • Getting selected to NSO one WFTDA Division 2, one WFTDA Division 1 and the WFTDA Championship tournaments
  • Crossing off West Virginia, which means I only need to visit 11 more states to hit all 50
  • Refereeing my first two roller derby games
  • Road tripping to Saugatuck for a beautiful wedding
  • Visiting about 20 microbreweries in Massachusetts
  • Long road trip to Florida, which included stops in Washington, DC and Savannah
  • Moving to a more modern apartment
  • Building a very cool outdoor table out of an old World Cup sign that had been stashed in a closet for about four years

However, 2014 was also pretty blah, considering that

  • Moving involved moving three times (twice to fix the electricity in our old apartment, once to move out). Moving is never very fun. Multiply that by three
  • The certification tests I wrote as part of my roller derby committee work took way longer than anticipated, which was more than frustrating
  • I’ve gained some weight
  • Some performers who really touched my life in different ways died–Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers. That’s created much more melancholy for me than I thought it could
  • Said World Cup table needs to be fixed because it suffered some water damage
  • My writing was rejected more than usual this year, particularly creative pieces

That said, I’m happy to be turning the page onto a new year that’s full of possibility. However, possibility only becomes actually if one puts in the effort. For me, that means a little more focus on writing–whatever form that may take. And to make sure I stick to it, I’m going to write more here. I’m hoping to post multiple times per week, and I’m going to focus those posts around things I do as an inherently curious person:

  • I travel
  • I make
  • I eat
  • I drink
  • I read
  • I move
  • I explore
  • I write

I’m excited about the possibilities. I’m excited to explore and share with you. I’m pleased that you’ll indulge me–and put up with some experiments I intend to do. More so though, I want to drive 2015 into being a much better year than 2014 was. The whole carpe diem thing? Yeah. But let’s not put so much pressure on the day. The mundane still needs to be done. But the year? It has much more potential.



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