Happy New Easter Candy Year!

9 Jan

Easter Candy

It’s January 9. I saw this display at CVS today. Around one corner was the discounted Christmas candy. Around the other was the Valentine’s Day aisle.

Easter is on April 5 this year. Not terribly early, not terribly late. One of my Instagram followers (hey, I’m jilljaracz on Instagram if you want to follow me!) said she saw Easter candy yesterday, so this is not the earliest sighting for 2015.

For easy math, let’s say Easter candy went on sale 90 days before Easter. I don’t really want to talk about whether it’s too early to have Easter candy out now. I really want to know:

  • Does anyone buy Easter candy now and save it until Easter?
  • How fresh is today’s candy come April 5? And note, I’m asking this while I’m eating a fun size Snickers Peanut Butter that’s the last thing we have leftover from Halloween. I find it to be fairly edible, so today’s Cadbury Creme Eggs may very well stay fresh enough that the kids (or adults) don’t taste a difference
  • If you’re an Easter candy junkie–and let’s face it, Easter candy is the best of all holiday candies–do you jump for joy over the fact that you can get your fix now? Or are you still recovering from Christmas indulgences, and Easter candy is about the last thing you want to see?

There’s good reason Easter candy is on the shelves now: It sells. If it didn’t, manufacturers wouldn’t bother. They’d focus on Valentine’s Day and wait it’s over to haul out the Easter goods. But look at what happens at UK convenience stores. People have no problem eating Easter candy now. I’m sure it happens in the US too.

I’m really curious about this, so let me know your opinion of Easter candy in January–guilty pleasure for an extra couple of months, or does seeing it three months early just turn you off?

Oh, and if you need a quick diversion today, here’s some pictures of how Cadbury Creme Eggs are made.

What do you think?

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