Wick This!

12 Jan

It’s Monday, which in my calendar of blogging means it’s time to beef get excited about fitness! Hooray! I’m eating cucumber slices and eyeing a plate of cupcakes as I write this! I’m excited about getting into better shape!

I’m not, really. Perhaps Monday is a horrible day to write about getting healthier. We celebrated the Boy’s birthday over the weekend–the celebration was actually cocktails on Wednesday, dinner out on Thursday, and people over on Saturday, which entailed a lot of homemade kielbasa, pretzel bread, cheese, chips and sweets. And an arugula salad. Oh, and probably some cut-up veggies….perhaps slathered in yogurt dill dip, but they were pure veggies at one point in their existence.

Anyway, the Monday scale is usually depressing, and this week I’m staring at some good leftovers. The aforementioned cupcakes (while they are vegan, I’m not sure that makes them better when you’re talking about white sugar), some chocolate covered potato chips, half a Viennese lemon tart, etc. All quite tempting, and some of which will definitely go in my belly.

The celebratory weekend also had a weird effect on my Winter Warrior run outside challenge, in that I had to run at night both days. I’ve tried to do this challenge during the day when it’s a little warmer. Nighttime winter running–especially when you’ve had enough snow to be annoying, yet people still don’t clean their driveways–kind of sucks. Big time.

It’s also been brutally cold this past week, which has meant all kinds of layers. There’s the thermal wicking base layer, a wicking t-shirt over that, a fleece jacket, a windbreaker. Then I wear two layers on the bottom, and depending on how thick/woolen my socks are, one to two layers on my feet. I don’t have a balaclava, so I take a knit headband and throw that around my neck. Then, a running wicking hat and a fleece hat, my running gloves and thick mittens over them. If I’m walking, I ditch the windbreaker for a parka and add a scarf.

Did you get all that? By the time I’m done dressing, I feel a little like Randy from “A Christmas Story.” One would think all of these layers would be nice–and they do keep me fairly toasty–, but I’ve got to say: I don’t quite get wicking material, because when I’m done with my run, I’m pretty damp (and hence, chillier).

The Boy has asked what I wear over it–that if the wicking material has nothing good to wick too, or if it’s not the top layer, there’s no place for that moisture to go. I’ve thought about that and have tried to adjust, to give it a better layer of something to soak into, but my armpits still have the same results. Then again, it can be summer, and I can wear a wicking shirt with nothing over it, and my torso and pits will still be pretty wet once I’m done with the workout. Either I’m doing wicking wrong, or my body doth protest the stuff. My sweat glands say it loud and say it proud–and my first string lineup of armpits and under-boob seem to take pride in being good sweaters. My feet are gunning to get in on the first-string action too. I’ve actually put antiperspirant on them to get them to sweat less, even though I will also wear performance socks. That’s some trick I heard somewhere. I’m not quite sure of its effectiveness–and I’m not sure it’s great for me–but I’m trying it.

So I don’t know. Either I’m layering well, and the sweat is just a fact of life, or I just don’t understand how to wear wicking well. It hasn’t prevented me from my quest in being a Winter Warrior though. The slog is one-third over, which means we’re too far into the month to stop now, and dammit, I paid for it, so I’ll keep chugging away–in the cold, in the warm, if it’s sunny, snowy, or–like today–rainy. One of my Facebook friends has been running outside daily for over a year and said this challenge was inspiring. I’m not sure about that. The day-to-day can really suck, but I do like the fact that over 11 days I’ve put in 37.3 miles. That gives me a sense of accomplishment, which I can feel for about five seconds, because it’s time to get out there and do today’s mileage.

2 Responses to “Wick This!”

  1. golddh January 12, 2015 at 6:17 pm #

    Good, inspiring post. Makes the rest of us a bit cheery on Monday morning. Thanks!


  2. Wendy January 12, 2015 at 9:03 pm #

    I hear you on the “wicking vs. sweat” issue. For snowshoeing, I’ve got it down to wicking long underwear, a wicking long-sleeved shirt, and two different levels of fleeces. I finally determined that I had to layer up enough to not wear an actual coat, because it just defeated the purpose of all the wicking. I’m always cold when we start out, but once the blood is flowing I warm up pretty good.

    My feet freeze easily and require those stick-on toe warmers in addition to multiple pairs of fleece socks…but oddly enough, my hands get hot and sweaty almost immediately, so my single pair of mittens comes off fairly soon. Which sucks when I trip over my snowshoes and use my bare hands to catch myself.

    All of which is moot so far this year, since first there was no snow and now it’s 5 degrees out every day.


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