I Think I Pulled my Boob

26 Jan

One day last week, the Boy and I were out for the daily run. I wasn’t really feeling it–the weather was cold, the sidewalks were icy, and on top of it, my chest started hurting. Mainly the left side of my chest.

Chest pain? Of course, that’s cause for alarm, but let’s analyze that pain first. To do that, we need to rewind a good ten years and remember a different run-with-chest-pain. The Boy and I were doing an evening run in Chicago, and he started complaining that his chest hurt while he ran. We stopped, the pain lingered, and eventually he decided to go to the ER and have it checked out.

Of course, a young man complaining of chest pain tends to get admitted to the hospital, so he was there overnight for observation. Turns out the chest pain was probably soreness in his chest muscles from upping his weight workouts. This is what happens when an ordinary man starts working on his Charles Atlas-like physique.

This incident has taught us that when you have chest pain, it helps to identify where the pain is so that you know whether it’s “I could be having a heart attack pain,” or “I could stand to do more push ups” pain. My pain was the latter. That sounds pretty matter-of-fact, but I came to that conclusion while I was huffing and puffing, thinking, “Is it my boob? Is it inside my body? It’s weird that my boobs aren’t really in my body. Wait–more pain. Is that inside my body? Is it radiating to my shoulder? Is it my boob? How deep are my boobs? Where does the boob end and the internal body cavity begin? Where’s my heart again? Do I even have a heart?”

Finally, I said I had to walk, and the pain subsided immediately. The Boy asked, “Which bra are you wearing? Are you wearing one of those old ones?”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Let’s face it, elastic is not forever. While I certainly could stand to do more pushups and bench presses (my strength training has become practically non-existent this month), I most definitely need to do a bra overhaul. Lesson learned the very hard way, since I’m still sore, but at least it’s not much worse than that. I’m going to take better care of my girls–wear my good bras, spend a few bucks to get a couple more, and start rebuilding those pecs. Surprisingly–or maybe not surprisingly, since I’m using an app to track my runs–Under Armour sent me an e-mail this week about their line of fitness bras. Timing is everything.

Note: Winter Warrior is almost over, and it will definitely go out with a bang: Tonight and tomorrow we’re due to get a “crippling and potentially historic blizzard,” according to the National Weather Service that could dump nearly 2 to 3 feet on us. Seriously? Right before the challenge is over? We’ll see how this works out. If I stick with it, I may be doing laps in my driveway to get my mileage tomorrow.

What do you think?

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