Blizzard of 2015

28 Jan


Hyperlocal reporting–from the backyard.

Here’s a rough estimate of the snow we got yesterday. This measurement was taken in a plowed walkway, so make of it what you will. We have some drifting in our yard that’s in our favor though, so the final total might need an adjustment.

Still, it was an impressive day yesterday. I was out in it for about 2 hours, trying to fit in my Winter Warrior walk. Visibility waned at times, the wind got stronger at times, but honestly, for where I live, it was manageable. Granted, I’m also enjoying the benefits of a plow service (mine came twice, once around 11:00 last night. Said they’d been at it since 2:30 a.m. I bet they are making some decent money), though I did have to dig out the car. That was enough for me–and the snow is light and easy to move. If I had to shovel a long driveway a few times, I wouldn’t be so thrilled.

Today is beautiful though, and Boston is getting back on track. Time to get out for today’s walk and see what the world is like.

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