A Day of Flakes

30 Jan

It’s snowing again in Boston, and while I watch the flakes float down (we’re only supposed to get 1-3″ today, which, after this week is no big deal….though I’d love to hear what people in the South would say to that), I’m contemplating another kind of flake: The buttery flakey dough of a croissant.

It’s National Croissant Day, according to my new favorite daily read Eat the Year, so should I celebrate it? I refuse to make croissants myself. Flakey, buttery layers require a lot of effort–working the dough is akin to an extensive hair care routine: Roll, fold, freeze, repeat. Only you have to do this several times in order to get a ton of layers. I’ve made layered rolls before. If you’re not focusing just on them, they become extraordinarily fussy to work with, and I don’t feel like getting into it with some bitch-ass bread dough today. It’s TGIF, not TGIC.

If I’m not making them, the next question is whether or not I should try to buy one. Grocery store bakery? I’ll go out on a limb and say that the chain grocery stores around me are probably not going to have the best croissants in the world. Dunkie? Again, hmmmm. The bakery down the street that I’ve heard is run by sullen people and doesn’t stock a bunch of stuff? Maybe.

Ultimately though, it comes down to whether or not I really want a croissant today, and I honestly don’t feel like dealing with the mess. “Buttery, flakey layers” is code for “Jill gets it all over her clothes,” and if I’m getting it all over my clothes, who know what other spectacular mess I’m making.

Oh, wait. I just found a coupon for a 99-cent Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate croissant. I might change my mind after all. Guess you can add my personality to the things that are flakey today.

What do you think?

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