Winter Warrior: Achievement Unlocked

2 Feb

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another edition of “Jill Moves,” and from the snowy tundra of Boston, I’m pleased to report that I did achieve silver-level Winter Warrior status, as described by Marathon Sports: I got outside and did 3 miles every day in January. Sometimes I ran, sometimes I walked–particularly at the end, since I’m a non-snowy-sidewalks kind of runner and don’t run on the street because of, well, Massholes.

On Saturday, which was the last day I was committed to doing the outdoor streak, I played it really stupid and spent over 1 1/2 hours logging 3.45 miles in about 16-degree (Fahrenheit) weather because I’d started playing Ingress and was trying to figure out how the hell to play it, which involved stumbling around from portal to portal, hacking them and seeing what happened. [To me, Ingress can best be described as a sort of geocaching game, with two global teams battling against each other for control of as many “portals,” or points of interest, as possible. And you’re playing with a whole bunch of people to accomplish this mission, rather than look for them on your own. At least, I think that’s the premise. I’m completely mired in the “what the hell is going on here” stage right now. We’ll talk Ingress another day, but if you’re playing, let me know!]

Needless to say, my fingers were pretty cold by the time I finally decided to go home, but I did it. In 31 days of outdoor time I:

  • did 115.27 miles
  • spent 10:49:35 doing it
  • had a pace of 17:56/mile (yikes–pretty slow, but this last week really slowed me down)
  • finished in the top 20% of the participants – and in looking at the list, you can tell that almost 10% didn’t get past the first week….and that’s if they’d signed up for the 1 mile challenge
  • finished 95th in my level (which doesn’t mean a whole lot, because I don’t know how many people were really in my level, but I had hovered around the high 100’s for a long time)

all outside. In New England. During a January that saw a major blizzard.

I’m pretty pleased with my accomplishments, and by tracking it electronically, I’m having more fun looking at the results. I’ve never been particularly good at tracking my cardio activity–or looking at strength and cardio results over time–but this has totaled it up for me and done calculations I’ve formerly been too lazy to do. While I’m not thrilled about being connected to apps and websites, I do appreciate the benefits of them, and I think that tradeoff is worth it.

Now what?

Well, I’m going to try to continue the outdoors streak. One of my roller derby referee buddies in Colorado told me she’d been doing this type of streak since Thanksgiving 2013 and mentioned that it was “awesome and motivating.” Now, I spent my a lot of daily 3 miles cursing her, but ultimately, she was right. It was motivating–if it was late, and I hadn’t yet done my run, I was antsy and hyper–and I do feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I look at the numbers. The month got me back in the habit of daily exercise–of getting those 10,000 steps a day, and for that I’m pretty grateful. If she can do it in Colorado, why can’t I?

I’d like to try to log at least 100 miles outdoors every month this year, and I started February with a 5K race yesterday–and don’t think I’m trying to sound all jolly or ho-hum about that. It was a pretty miserable experience in many ways. However, I think that monthly goal is pretty doable, given what I achieved in January, though it does mean I need to average a little over 3 miles a day to keep up the streak. That does put on some pressure, since it’s not a great idea to fall way behind, but I want to see if I can manage it. Are there any other streakers (um, not that kind) out there with me?

What do you think?

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