Snow Maintenance

3 Feb

We got another foot of snow yesterday, with apparently a few more inches on the way over the next week. Cold temperatures, meaning it’s all staying put, which, if you’re running a ski shop or an outdoor ice skating rink, that’s fantastic, but if you live in a building in the Boston area and need access to a car, driveway or sidewalk, you’re running out of places to put the snow.  We’ve now moved into what I call the “snow maintenance” portion of winter, which means solving the problem of where to put it. The piles where we put the snow dug out from around our car are about as tall as I am right now, so if we get anymore snow, it will be really hard for me to dig out the car. I’m contemplating spending time moving some of that pile to the middle of the yard. Part of me thinks that’s crazy though. We’ll see.

At any rate, I wanted to share a picture from last night. I dragged the Boy out for a walk. Near the end, we went through an unshoveled section of sidewalk, and I was in snow that was over my knees. Viva la winter!


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