Tell Me What Fun Is

12 Feb


The Boy and I were out to eat the other night, and our booth had a keno monitor. I don’t really get keno, though after this meal, I realized it’s because there’s not much to get. You pick some random numbers (and slots and multipliers), you fork over your money, and you watch the screen to see if you’ve won. And apparently, you have fun doing it.

But this screen shot puzzled me. Just how much fun is it to pick random numbers?

Is it “watching paint dry” fun?

Is it “annoying co-worker is out of the office” fun?

Is it “enjoying a cocktail” fun?

Is it “fabulous vacation” fun?

Is it another element on the fun scale?

You tell me. I’m insanely curious to know. Or ke-no.

2 Responses to “Tell Me What Fun Is”

  1. DavID November 10, 2016 at 11:23 pm #

    To a varying extent people enjoy the thrill of a risky situation as adrenaline afterwards causes the release of another chemical which creates a pleasant sensation. Some seek it by gambling or the simulated dangers of a book, movie or video-game, others with genuinely risky experiences like roller-coasters, shop lifting, rock climbing or base-jumping. All of these activities are regarded as addictive to at least some. If it doesn’t attract you, be glad and don’t keep trying it in case you are missing something. (Boredom is better than regret!)

    That’s not the only reason for gambling, but I think that’s why some enjoy it even if they lose more than they win. Paid Keno is said to be one of the least likely forms of gambling to profit the customer. So I only do it with the freebies I’m occasionally given, and I’ve never won anything that would encourage me to even re-bet as the operators seem to expect me to.


    • Jill November 11, 2016 at 1:34 pm #

      How does one get free Keno?


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