Tracking the Moves

16 Feb

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for a “Jill Moves” update. Still streaking? Check, although I’m tracking some mighty, mighty slow walks due to shuffling through snow (which, at times, has been up to my upper thighs).

This week, though, I thought I’d talk about tracking and some of the tools I use to keep track of my workouts. Keeping a log is useful–you can see what you’ve accomplished and can use that information to make improvements. I’m gonna be honest though, I’ve not historically been good at looking over past workout logs and examining the information they give me. If I did, perhaps I’d be able to optimize my performance when it counts.

Electronic tracking might help. I’ve downloaded a bunch of apps for that purpose:

  • MapMyRun – GPS tracking puts your run on a map, and it logs mileage and time (and some other stuff, if I delve into it further). Since I don’t have a fancy tracking watch or gizmo, I use this every day.
  • Runtastic’s Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squats and Pull Ups apps – These apps use your phone to track your movements to see if you’ve done a complete rep. I’ve been doing the sit ups and squats workouts fairly regularly. I’ve tried push ups (oy, I’m out of practice on those), and pull ups are a little lost on me now (see: out of practice + poor upper body strength)
  • 7 Minute Workout app – I like the 7 Minute Workout because, well, it’s short. Some websites and apps are better than others. The version I’ve downloaded is very good at telling me I haven’t worked out for the umpteenth day in a row.

I also use a couple of paper products:

  • Believe Training Journal – The Boy got me this for Christmas, and it’s a detailed journal put together by runners Lauren Fleshman and Róisín McGettigan-Dumas. It contains a lot of info on setting goals, and it does a nice job of trying to help you break down your goals into manageable pieces. I’ll be honest–I need to sit down and spend more time with it, but I like this because it’s a tool that encourages along the way; it’s not just at the front of the book. I’m hopeful about this product.
  • Bill Pearl workout log – This is a template in one of Pearl’s weightlifting books. Tried and true, and easy to use in the gym. I just should go back and look at my workouts over time.

This is what I’m using now. So far, I’m using it. Using these to take my fitness to the next level is an ongoing process though–I’ll have to touch base about that at a later date. I am curious about getting a GPS watch/Fitbit type gadget. Do you love them? Not use them? Are they worth it? Any other apps or products that are great? What else is out there that’s the bomb when it comes to tracking fitness?

What do you think?

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