Bag Lady 2015

19 Feb

Are you doing the “40 Bags in 40 Days” challenge? This is the one where you clean out one area of your house a day and get rid of a bag of stuff that you don’t need anymore and are puzzled as to why you’ve held onto it in the first place. Wondering what to get the person who has everything? Look around your house because you’re probably that person and others asked that about you.

At any rate, I know I have to declutter. A lot. While I’m not a big shopper, I enjoy paper. A lot of paper. So much so that I’m sure my desk could be classified as a hoarder zone (we’ll call that an HZ). In fact, there are quite a few HZ’s around our place, and I’m responsible for a lot of them.

Since too much stuff can be draining, I’m going to hop onto this challenge and use it as an incentive to clean out and tackle some spring cleaning (even though if I look out the window, spring doesn’t seem like it will come anytime soon). Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters even has a handy chart to help plan it. She’s done the challenge since 2011, which made me wonder how you accumulate 40 bags of stuff that you can get rid of over the course of one year, and then I saw, oh, four kids.

I do have a beef with how this challenge is presented–the title and the graphic both make it sound like you need to be getting rid of a lot of stuff–FILL 40 TRASH BAGS WITH YOUR CRAP AND GET IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE NOW! C’mon, Americans! Let’s compete over how much stuff we can get rid of! That’s kind of overwhelming. To be fair, Ann Marie stresses over and over that the number is just a number. You could have more, you could have less. The important thing is to focus on a small area and pare it down to only what you need. That’s how I’m trying to visualize it. 40 places in 40 days — that’s what I want to clean out. Whether I get rid of a sandwich bag of stuff (which was yesterday) or I throw out a trash bag, it doesn’t matter. I’ll take it one tiny HZ at a time–drawer by drawer and shelf by shelf.. Wait, I’ve got a lot of drawers and shelves….this has potential to take longer than 40 days. That’s OK! CHALLENGE x 2!

If you’re doing the challenge, I’d love to hear how it’s going. I’ll try to report back along the way and fill you in on the latest shameful thing I’ve somehow managed to hold onto.

What do you think?

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