Do Without This

20 Feb

Yesterday in my “40 Bags in 40 Days” Challenge, I went through the refrigerator, found this container of bean dip, and instantly thought, Oh yeah, I meant to blog about this stuff. The container’s been in my house since approximately the Super Bowl, so not that long, but heaven forbid it hang around in there much longer.

I got this from Market Basket, a grocery store that has kind of a cult following around these parts. Perhaps you heard of it, since last year’s ownership dispute made the news outside of New England. It’s cheap. Like, I got two huge boxes of cereal AND four cereal bowls for $4.75 cheap. I don’t know how they do it, but they do, which means the stores are usually crowded (I will not do major shopping there on a weekend….though actually, I really need to learn the senior citizen bus schedule. Those mornings are almost worse). Beyond being cheap, they usually carry some things I haven’t seen before, like said bean dip.

I love a good new food product, and since it was Super Bowl weekend, I thought a bean dip might be nice. I mean, look at it:


It’s a bean dip for Beantown! If anybody can make a good bean dip, you’d think a Bostonian could, right? Unfortunately, not this company. Take a look:


Now, if you look at the ingredient list, kidney beans are the first ingredient, followed by mayonnaise. That means there’s more kidney beans than anything else in the dip. I don’t know how they calculate those ratios. Is it 2 cups of beans to 1 cup of mayo? And then perhaps the beans are pureed within an inch of their life so that there’ maybe 1/3 cup bean puree to 1 cup of mayo? Because that’s what this tasted like. Mayonnaise with a pinch of beans and cucumbers, a few dashes of spices and some vinegar to thin it out and make it dippy. I had a couple of tastes–the extra ones because I couldn’t really believe it was that disgusting. Then I put it back in the fridge.

Yesterday, when I dumped it down the garbage disposal, I saw a bunch of larger hunks of beans at the bottom of the container, and I wondered if they’d settled and if that was where the bean flavor was. And if so, then it wasn’t quite “ready to serve,” was it? “Stir and serve” would be a better directive. Not that I tried it again–I shuddered just remembering how bad it tasted the first time. I’m sure a couple of extra weeks in the fridge did nothing to improve its flavor.

I will say I’m now kind of interested in finding a good bean dip, so I’m on the hunt. If you’ve got leads or good recipes, let me know.

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