Missed Holidays and Moping

26 Feb

It’s not been the best week here, friends, and today I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel because I refuse to say, “I’ve got nothing.” Winter’s getting me a little down, and even though we’re about to turn the calendar to March, it just doesn’t seem like the snow will melt–or that I’ll be able to go outside without putting on massive amounts of layers. Or walk down the sidewalk without having to put one foot directly in front of the other because some building owner didn’t shovel. Or fear that I’ll slip on the thick layers of ice that are coating said sidewalks. The one saving grace is that every few days, we get a dusting of snow to cover the grey, slushy crap. That keeps it pretty, so there’s something.

To try to shake things up a little, I pulled out Eat the Year. Surely there’s got to be a good food holiday to help pull me out of a funk, right?

Well, today is National Pistachio Day. Not my favorite nut, so that’s a strike out. But two days ago, it was National Tortilla Chip Day! How could I miss that? I even noted it at the beginning of the week: Get chips. But then I had a fiasco celebrating Monday’s National Banana Bread Day: Make banana bread, stick toothpick in center to test for doneness, start eating it and find one tiny raw section in the lower central part of the load. It’s not a mushy banana section. I kept trying it, and I’m pretty sure it’s raw.  It’s not that hard to make banana bread. A mess-up? Really?

So today or tomorrow I’m probably going to have a belated Tortilla Chip Day, which in and of itself is its own stress because honestly, good tortilla chips can be hard to come by. Tostito’s is OK. Utz is fine. Snyder’s? Um, no. They can be like cardboard. When the Boy and I went to the store before the Super Bowl, the tortilla chips were completely cleared out–except for Snyder’s. He started to grab a bag, and I had to give him a what for. Seriously, if every other brand of tortilla chips–including store brands, which, for the most part also aren’t the best–is gone, and there are bags and bags of one brand left, that tells you something right there.

When we lived in Chicago, we loved El Milagro chips. They had a good heft and a good crunch. Held salsa well. Filled you up rather quickly. They don’t distribute to New England.

So I suppose today I should get out of the house and put myself on a quest to find better chips. We’ve got a bunch of little man stores near me that are likely to have something different. Perhaps I can find a good alternative to the norm. Or else I may have to break down and learn how to make them myself.

What do you think?

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