Brilliant or Bad Idea?

27 Feb

This week, one of my friends posted about the BBQ Donut Boat on Facebook. This is apparently a round motorboat with a grill in the middle, a table surrounding the grill and a bench along the outside rim. It has an umbrella to protect you from the elements. You and your friends get on a boat and BBQ in the middle of a body of water. Sounds awesome, right?

A company in Florida has these available for rental, so I shared it with the family, thinking that even though it’s nowhere near where we stay at Christmastime, it might be fun to do. But if I really ponder it, this might not be such a good idea after all.

Think about it:

  1. You’re stuck on a small boat that will have a live fire in the center of it.
  2. If you fill the boat to capacity with people (the German designers say it will hold up to 10; I think it would hold fewer Americans), you don’t have a lot of elbow room at the table. Where do you put the snacks? Where do you put the beverages?
  3. You’re stuck on a small boat that will have a live fire in the center of it. With several other people. And there’s no room to move around. And you could be out there for hours.

I have a like/dislike relationship with boats. I like other people’s boats just fine, and it’s fun to go out for a boat ride every few years (I don’t typically run with the boat-owning crowd). I’ve been on exactly one vacation cruise and don’t really feel a burning desire to repeat that experience again. I’ve also had some pretty miserable local cruising experiences. There was the time we took a fireworks cruise for Independence Day, and there was no food/drinks on board and we were dying by the time we got off.

Then there was the Arthur Murray cruise. The Boy and I took Arthur Murray lessons for a year, and they were a lot of fun. Not as much fun was the dancing cruise they put together. It featured a Mexican buffet (the Boy’s not fond of Mexican food) and an insanely tiny dance floor that we didn’t really fit on, so we gave up pretty quickly. However, we were stuck on a boat for a couple more hours. I spent most of that time contemplating whether or not I could swim back to shore if I jumped off right then and there. I’m pretty sure I could’ve made it–and I wish I had tried.

That brings me back to the BBQ boat. Man, it sounds like fun, but it also gives me that gut feeling that no matter what we do, something will not go well. We’ll light the grill, wait forever for it to heat up, then discover that the meat’s been sitting out in the heat for two hours, so it’s gone bad and we can’t grill it. Or that we do grill that meat and everyone spends a couple of hours hurling overboard. Or we’d cook everything up and chow down within an hour and still have three hours of donut boating to do, and we’d stare at each other with nothing to say. And with my luck, we’d be so far from shore, that I know I couldn’t make it.




What do you think?

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