Best Thing Ever (Right Now): Hannaford Is Bringing It

3 Mar

I stopped at Hannaford on Sunday night–well, actually, I stopped at Market Basket first because that was closer to where I was driving from (and it’s cheap), but Market Basket closes at 7PM on Sundays, and I was too late. On to Hannaford.

I do like Hannaford. Sure, it’s not 90,000 sq. ft. of groceries, but they do have decent produce, they sell bison and they have decent prices. But now they also do this:


Blue bags and brown bags? What’s the difference? When I see a blue bag in a grocery store, it throws me back to Chicago’s old blue bag recycling program, where some grocery stores would pack your groceries in blue plastic bags, just to give you a way to recycle without having to buy the actual (pretty expensive) blue bags.

The Hannaford bagger explained that the blue bags only contained items that needed to go into the refrigerator.

Mind. Blown!

This is genius! I’ve always hated it when I’ve brought groceries home, set them on the floor, put away the refrigerated items and left the rest to unpack later, only to discover hours later that I’d missed something. Now I know. Get the blue bags unpacked pronto.

I found out from the customer service person that they implemented this a few weeks ago (this is a nice way of saying that I blubbered to the customer service person, she stared at me like I was nuts, tried to explain the meaning of the bags, and I had to stop her, saying, “No, I know what they do, but when did this start? THISISSOCOOL!!!!”), which I hadn’t noticed because (a) they don’t have it in the express lanes I usually frequent, and (b) if you bring your own bag, you wouldn’t notice.

As I try to bring my own bags when I can, I may have to start designating some of them “fridge only,” just to keep that concept going. It’s pretty genius.

It’s also a cool way to thwart the Market Basket competition I bet they’re feeling. We’re seeing a lot of interesting things from other local groceries, probably to try to keep customers from completely defecting to Market Basket. This blue bag program has me a bit more jazzed about Hannaford now though. That’s for sure.

What do you think?

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