On the Loose–or on Target?

11 Mar

[Part 2 in a collector’s series]

Once yesterday’s doctor’s visit was over, errand time began. After not having been in a Target for a long time, it kind of felt like Boris Yeltsin visiting an American grocery store in 1989: Look at all of this amazing stuff! Such abundance! And I’m allowed to acquire it!

I’m not saying that I went crazy and bought the store, but I did a lot more hunting/gathering than I usually do when I’m in the store. My new hairbrush is divine. The glass storage containers I’ve had my eye on found their way into my cart. I’m going to see if those reusable elastic bowl covers are worthwhile. After dealing with the shoulder pain, I bought a new mop, which will hopefully make cleaning the floor easier. This last thing is kind of a big deal because I feel like there’s a big mop conspiracy being played against the US consumer. I have bought far too many mops in my adult lifetime, all of which promise that the sponge can be replaced–but when you actually go to buy a replacement sponge, no store seems to stock your brand anymore. You want a mop? Buy a new one! It doesn’t even help to buy a few replacement sponges up front because the second you need to get another one from the store, bam! New mop.

Walking around Target gave me a bit of an appetite, so I took it to Swissbakers, which is what it sounds like: A European bakery with good bread and pastries and sandwiches. Or, as I like to think of it, pretzel bread done right. One sandwich and a chocolate Berliner later, I was back on the road and in such a good mood that I powered through the car wash, hit the grocery store and popped into Staples for a graph paper notebook before hitting the gym.

Post a treadmill run and quick weight workout, I had one last errand before picking up the Boy: Getting my Winter Warrior shirt. When I’d signed up for the Winter Warrior Challenge, I opted to buy the finisher’s shirt that would have your name on it. I thought that’d be cool — a tech shirt with my name on it. If I ever did a big run, I could wear it and people could cheer for me. Heh. What I got was a very nice tech shirt with every Winter Warrior’s name on it in the smallest font imaginable. As I told the Boy, “I kind of feel like I’m in high school and I got the class t-shirt.” Live, learn and wear.

So that was my day of errands, and it was glorious. I’m sure that if I had regular access to the car, it wouldn’t be so much fun–the chore aspect would emerge pretty quickly and become a grind. I’m just glad I got to revel in the ordinary for a while and enjoy it.

One Response to “On the Loose–or on Target?”

  1. Charlotte March 11, 2015 at 11:59 am #

    I buy my mops at the dollar store…….disposable in a bad way BUT it was only a dollar 🙂


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