The Taxman Cometh

13 Mar

This time of year I like to set some goals for myself–well, actually, I remind myself of goals I’ve not yet attained. Namely, the goal to make enough money to have an assistant who will keep track of my expenses so putting together my taxes isn’t so painful.

I don’t even do my taxes–I have an accountant since they’re somewhat complicated. However, providing the information to the accountant is an annual reminder that I should be more organized throughout the entire year, not just during the beginning of the year, when I’m motivated to do so. I’m starting to feel like a Cathy cartoon, where she just hands a box of receipts to her accountant, and I don’t really want my life to be like that.

Now I’m cranking on this project so I can get back to being creative. The bonus of this? I’m testing what it’s like to have a standing desk, since I have to use chairs for more counter space. Full report later.

What do you think?

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