Oh, Yeah….That’s Right

19 Mar

Hey friends,

We’re a couple of weeks away from Easter, which means I should be halfway to a clutter-free house, right?



Normally this pile would have one more pair of shoes, but I’m wearing them. Oops.


The scarf and hat have managed to escape from their bin–again–even though no one’s worn either lately. That orange envelope is a Halloween card from Ma Jaracz, which I’m tempted to keep because it says, “Want a good scare this Halloween? Sit down and make a list of things you do exactly like your mother,” which is more truthful than I want to believe. There are also a few strategically placed piles of things that I’m going through after finishing up my taxes and a big roller derby project. What’s preventing this table from not being more cluttered is the fact that it’s simply a piece of plexiglass resting on wood, so you can’t set anything heavy in the middle because the whole thing will probably fall apart (we’re trying to reshape the wood piece that the plexiglass actually fits onto, which you can kind of see on the floor–the table and some weights have been sitting on it all winter long).

Those pictures are just part of the kitchen. I’m not going to show you the pile of mail (mostly magazines that can’t fit into the magazine rack because it’s too full), the crazy stack of books I took out from the library, or my office, which got partially dismantled while I dug out receipts for my taxes.

But my taxes are done. And I’ve gotten our bill binders decluttered and have a (hopefully) better system set up to make next year easier. Moving last year definitely did not help, nor did getting a new home office space that requires complex algebra in order to figure out its square footage (props to the Boy for spending an evening measuring and doing the math).

In terms of the challenge though, I’m woefully behind. It probably hasn’t helped that I still haven’t printed out the chart that helps plan the attack. That would probably be a good visual reminder, and maybe I’ll do it at some point. I’m not going to beat myself up though–I actually have made a little bit of progress with cleaning out a few drawers and getting rid of some paper. I’ve also managed to check off a few things on the “to do” list that have piled up–and honestly, I think that helps more than one would think.

I’ll keep at it, that’s for sure. And I’ll keep you posted. Have I mentioned that I got my taxes done?

Your pal,


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