Postcard from BOS

20 Mar

Greetings from General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, where I’m about to hop on my first plane ride of the year. I love traveling–and even though the process of traveling is somewhat of a hassle, it’s worth it for whatever fun and exploration you have on the other end of the journey.

Although I’m no road warrior, I do fly enough to have gotten Gold Status on American for the last few years and get used to the perks that come with it. Free checked bag? Don’t mind if I do! I have to fly (insert non-American Airlines airline here), my TSA pre-check didn’t come through, and I have to go through the regular security line with all the plebeians AND take off my shoes? Nooooooo! You frequent fliers know what I’m talking about.

Today I’m flying to Buffalo and then heading up to Toronto for my first roller derby tournament of the year, Quad City Chaos. I’m so excited–a couple of weeks ago, I had a very frequent flyer problems thought: I need to get out of the country again. It’s been too long. [note: I’d been out of the country just seven months prior] Then I realized I was going to Canada soon, which made me happy. On top of that, I get to spend a tiny bit of time in Buffalo, which holds the potential of a visit to Wegmans and beef on weck. [I also realize there are now Wegmans not far from me, but somehow, when they’re closer to HQ, it’s more exciting.]

Adventures to come–even though I’ll be spending most of the weekend in an old bunker doing scorekeeping, there are adventures ahead. I can’t wait to share them with you.

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