Back in Composting Business!

25 Mar

Boston’s had a record amount of snow this year, but I have to be honest: I’m surprised at how nicely it’s melting. I completely expected everything to flood, but the snow’s receding at a good pace. Granted, we still have a three-foot pile of snow in our driveway, but today I discovered that we can now access the composter.

This is a big milestone in the “spring is here” timeline.

Our composter has been trapped behind all of the snow that was in our driveway over the winter. The pile’s now down to about three feet tall, and today I wondered whether or not I could traverse it and get to the composter behind it. The composter itself is somewhat precariously balanced on the side of a somewhat steep drop, so we had no idea how buried it had gotten and when we’d actually be able to start composting again.

We’ve kind of been composting over the last few months. That is, we’d filled our kitchen composting bucket and let it sit there. Sometimes we’d try to shove in a little more, but we never emptied it anywhere. Note that last bit for later. Lately, we’ve just been putting compostable food in the trash compactor, which we really don’t like. Granted, we don’t get all fancy with the composting–no worms or anything (that we put in ourselves). We just tend to dump all of the fruit and veg into the bin and then eventually find out there’s soil in the bottom. Then we spend a lot of time patting ourselves on the back and saying, “We got soil! It worked! Did you see it?!” It certainly beats throwing the stuff in the garbage and makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something, even though we didn’t really do anything at all.

Anyway, when I discovered I could traverse the snow hill, I saw that everything around the composter had melted, and it was completely accessible. Time for dumping out our kitchen bin and starting again!


As I noted before, I hadn’t emptied the kitchen bin in probably two months, and I noted it had gotten pretty heavy. Still, I carried it gingerly over Snow Hill and got it safely to the compost bin without spilling it. This, my friends, is the amazing part of the entire task, as I’m pretty prone to spilling things, especially gross things, all over the place. Imagine my surprise when I opened the kitchen bin and saw that science had taken place and that a lot of veg inside had liquefied.


I’m not sure if you can really see it, but those fuzzy peppers are really sitting in a soup of former spinach and lettuce, tomatoes and who knows what all else. Why I didn’t think to try to strain this in the sink, I don’t know. More amazing is that I managed to pour this slop into the composter without getting it all over me too.

Now we’re ready to go again. I’ve got the kitchen bin soaking in the sink–I realize people say that compost doesn’t smell, but it does. It’s got this earthy aroma, which isn’t all that appealing to me, though thankfully it doesn’t stink to high heaven. We’re back in business, baby. Let the soil making commence!

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