Postcard from Seat 10A

26 Mar

I never really unpacked my suitcase from last weekend’s trip because I’m back on a plane today. I have a window seat in a row with no window. The woman next to me has limited mobility, so I’ve had to gingerly crawl over her to get to my seat.

Now I’ve realized that I forgot to print out my bus ticket, the one I bought online in order to save some time and hopefully make the bus that leaves soon after I land. But looking at my current situation, I won’t be making that bus anyway.

The Boy has reminded me to try and use my spy skills to get it printed out on the other side so that I don’t have to cash out another $28 for a ticket. That will probably work; however, I can’t quite help but think that for all the traveling I do, sometimes I’m not a good traveler.

What do you think?

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