Goal Achieved?

1 Apr

I’ll get to the point: I disappointed myself in March. 12.34 miles short of my monthly goal. I have no idea how this happened–after all, I thought I ended up having to walk a lot this past month. To the bus, from the bus multiple times during the month, which is about a mile each way, plus other walking and running in between and a great 5K run.

Obviously though, I regularly cut corners and figured I’d make up the distance later. Unfortunately, I realized far too late just how bad the situation had gotten.

This shouldn’t have happened–I use a tracking app while I’m out, and I also have a training journal. But using them and using them are two different things. I didn’t check in weekly to see how things were going and make sure I was staying on track. If I had, I wouldn’t have backed myself into such a corner.

While I lick a tiny wound from having to learn a lesson, the calendar still turns. It’s onto another month, one that’s a blank grid ready to fill with accomplishment. I can turn it around and get back on track–no try, no perhaps. Can. Besides, it’s National Walking Day, so what better way to get started?

What do you think?

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