The Mystery on the Counter: Evidence

3 Apr

Continuing on in my new role as a neighborhood Nancy Drew, I present evidence in the case of The Mystery on the Counter:

Exhibit A:wpid-img_20150401_205123662.jpg

See? There’s lotion on the prep counter…and a Bhudda statue. This is also new to the setting, though maybe it’s taken from the little shrine that’s located down and to the right as you look at this picture. I’ll have to go back and see who normally sits in the shrine.

Exhibit B:


The prep counter again, from a different angle. You can clearly see that this is a kitchen prep area, and the bottle of lotion is sitting behind the metal container. It’s Aveeno. What do we learn from this? Well, either the user bought it from a store that didn’t give them much choice, the local dollar store has good brands at cheap prices, or they truly care about the brand of lotion they put on their skin.

Ned Nickerson (aka The Boy) theorizes that the lotion might be for the Bhudda. “Bhudda needs to moisturize, yo. You can’t have that big belly and get stretch marks.”

[Nancy Drew fans: I don’t ever remember Ned talking like this. What has the 21st century done to him?]

Is the lotion for Bhudda? Is it for dry hands? Why did it replace the jar of peanut butter? The mystery continues…

What do you think?

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