The Lamb Part of Ham Day

6 Apr

We celebrate Easter in our household, although several of our friends don’t call it “Easter,” they call it “Ham Day” because it’s the one guaranteed day a year that the Boy will make his infamous ham recipe. This stuff is delicious–I never liked ham growing up, but the Boy’s ham tastes amazing (perhaps because it’s not a Krakus ham-in-a-can baked in ginger ale), so we go all out for the day. This year was an exceptional event–meaning, it’s worth several posts, so strap on your shoes.

First up: Lamb. We don’t serve lamb meat on Easter, but we do have lamb in other forms. First, there’s the butter:


I have two lamb molds, probably neither of which are supposed to be for making butter lambs, but whatever. The 3-D lamb is regular butter, and I’m guessing I use a chocolate mold for it. The second is an herbed butter made in what’s probably supposed to be a cake tin.

Then came the appetizers. I wish I could take credit for these–they’re something so cute that you’d totally find on Pinterest–but one of our friends brought them. Cheese ball sheep, covered with shredded cheese for wool, Ears and head are olives. The eyes are more cheese, cut with a drinking straw, and the pupils are carefully placed poppy seeds. Adorable (and delicious)! She brought them grazing in a field of arugula, balanced on a wheat cracker.


Finally, we had the lamb cake. The lamb cake is always an exercise in holding your breath and hoping it comes out (though I have been known to trash a lamb cake a couple of hours before dinner and make a new one). I made this one on Saturday and let it cool overnight. On Sunday I cut it out of the mold, and its head and nose remained intact. Frosted it up, dusted a little coconut on the frosting and then dyed more coconut so it was sitting in grass. And, for some strange reason, the lamb also needs to have a lot of jelly beans nearby.


We usually end dinner with some sort of lamb beheading–how are you going to eat the cake otherwise? This year…well…it got a little violent.

More Easter fun to come, including:

  • Was the ham 20 lbs. or 200 lbs?
  • Should one church shop on Easter?
  • What do Easter M&Ms have to do with Jesus?
  • The “Hallelujah Chorus” that wasn’t.
  • Stupid campfire song earworms!

What do you think?

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