Q1’s Domestic Goddess Move

24 Apr

Domestic goddess I am not, probably much to Ma Jaracz’ chagrin. I can tidy up OK, and if I have time to lean, I know I have time to clean–though you could come over right now and say, “Been busy, huh, Jill? How’s your Candy Crush Saga going?”

“Oh, I’m stuck at level XXX [I actually don’t know what level I’m on], and it’s one of those stupid ones where you’ve got to bring down the ingredients and there are bombs and there’s–”


And I’d be forced to admit you have a point and that you’ve astutely noticed that I have issues with paper and books and putting away the laundry in a timely fashion, so I will scuttle off and take care of some of that right now.

Since I am not much of a domestic goddess, my idea of “spring cleaning” is also pretty minimal. Today though, my big move for this quarter of the year is tackling the coat situation. I’m declaring winter officially over, and we are not to wear the big, heavy coats again until late fall. I don’t care if we have a run of frigid weather around here. Layer up the fleeces and throw a lightweight coat over it. We’ll manage.

To enforce this edict, I’m washing the winter coats today. We can’t wear them if they’re washed and stored, right? This is kind of a big deal in my mind because it’s a task I tend to put off because, well, it’s just as easy to hang them up in the closet and have them be out of sight, out of mind until it’s time to pull them out again and I realize how filthy they must be, but oh well, it’s cold enough to wear the winter coat, so immune system, get to work and protect me! Since today I’m being proactive about the issue, I feel like I can pat myself on the back.

There is a slight hiccup in my plan though because I have no skill in translating the pictogram on the tag that tells me how to wash the coat. One coat’s tag is new enough that I can find the English translation, but on our second coat, the only thing I can really read anymore is the pictogram, and let me tell you, I’m terrified of messing it up. I don’t know the difference between the symbols for hot and cold (and don’t even put “40” or “30” in that little washing machine picture. That means even less to me). I don’t know the difference between “dry clean” and “don’t dry clean this or else you’re going to get back some shreds on a hangar and have to pay the thirteen bucks or so that it cost to ‘clean’ it” (which, you have to admit, shows the power of a symbol to be able to communicate that many words in just a few brush strokes).

Usually, I’m just frustrated by my lack of knowledge and I just wash the thing on cold. Today though, I realized I had the power of the Internet at my fingertips and that maybe some organization had a handy dandy laundry lookup chart that could tell me exactly what I needed to know.

Now my coats are nicely agitating in some warm water, then they’ll take a nice tumble dry on the low cycle. They’ll come out, I’ll promptly hang them up in the storage closet, and we’ll all be happy. And I’ll be one inch closer to domestic goddessness–or at least feeling like I’m not living so much in a hoarder hovel.

What do you think?

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