Postcard from Wollongong – 2

6 May

One of the things we learned in Wollongong is that if Australia isn’t trying to kill you, it’s probably closed. We spent Monday in the city, and the one place on our list was the Nan Tien Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. Closed Mondays.

OK, well, the backup plan was to hit up a comic book store, seeing as how in a couple of weeks it’s Comic Gong. Comic book store is non-existent–it’s just a kiosk in the mall right now. Open Saturdays.


OK, backup backup plan: Visit gaming store. This to me wasn’t much–a bunch of shelves of games you could likely find in the US, a bunch of tables with people playing something or other (probably Magic), and snacks. I should’ve asked if the store made more money on snacks than they did on games. That’s my theory.

On the way to the gaming store, we ran into a couple of other interesting places: The going-out-of-business costume shop that was full of costumes that seemed to have a layer of dust on them, like the box of 1980s style leotards that may, in fact, have been from the 1980s. Masks you might be afraid to put your face in:

wpid-img_20150504_141123620.jpgBut it did have decent deals:

wpid-img_20150504_141253842.jpgA few doors away from the costume shop was a leather goods store. After looking at the professional snake fighting display in the front window, I was afraid to see what was behind the door:


Dude, it’s two snakes going after a meerkat (display is for sale, by the way). The tiger referee (in snake fighting, apparently referees wear bow ties) is obviously calling a penalty, but no snake is slithering off to the penalty box, which should mean an insubordination, but how do you enforce an insub on a poisonous snake? It’ll just bite you, and you won’t be calling penalties anymore, that’s for sure.

Our big activity turned out to be going to see Avengers 2. I haven’t seen Avengers 1, nor do I really follow this comic series, so I ended up using it as a nap opportunity.

Still, the day ended nicely with a couple of happy hour beers from Illawarra Brewery, where I nabbed a coaster that had a picture of the guy who took me skydiving last year, and we watched the moon rise over the ocean.

Even though it wasn’t to plan, it was still a good day–though being on vacation and in Australia, how could it have been a bad thing?

One Response to “Postcard from Wollongong – 2”

  1. Wendy May 6, 2015 at 8:14 am #

    Jill? Is that you? Were you kidnapped by fellow derby-ites and forced into this schedule of activities? Shall I call the American embassy?

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