Flipping the Calendar

1 Jun

Dear Readers,

I seriously don’t know what happened to May. Travel, yes. Writing, yes. Roller derby, yes. But blogging? No.

That will change as I flip the page on the calendar and decide that June will be better. I’ll finish up the Australia trip–apparently some of my postcards to you got lost in the mail. Then a friend of mine got married and had a lovely backyard wedding and reception, which meant for a very fun weekend. Then I went to Colorado and almost didn’t see the Rockies.

Workwise, I’ve gotten a few new assignments that are keeping me busy, and of course, there’s roller derby–committees to be on, games to officiate, laps to skate. Last week I learned the hard way what it’s like to skate with no toe stops, which is something I’m not quite prepared to repeat.

Hmmm. I guess I see what happened to May–it’s just all up in my noggin’, which isn’t doing anyone any good. Time to open up the hatch and let it spill out. More tomorrow, my friends.

Your pal,


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