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Well, That Was Quick

2 Jun

While folding a load of laundry today, I discovered this:

A sad moment, considering that I’d just written about them, but maybe this guy couldn’t handle the pressures of fame, the pressure of living up to the dream of being the ultimate sock in the drawer–that sole sock that knew the history of my feet better than I did.

But I have at least one other pair just like this–and it’s continuing with the dream of eternal sock longevity.

[Hopefully my grandiose dreams won’t result in another follow-up post next week with another sad picture of holey socks. I’d take that as a sure sign.]

Waiting for the ‘Wear it Out’

26 May


There comes a point in time when something that’s potentially embarrassing becomes an exciting challenge, and I’ve hit that point with these socks.

I’ve had these socks for a long time–probably a good 12 to 15 years, although time is relative because there were many years that I avoided wearing them in favor of other socks. They’re pretty thick, so they were too hot in the summer; because they’re anklets, they were often too cold in winter. Now that they’re fairly threadbare on bottom, they’re just about right.

The Boy saw me put them on one day and kindly suggested that I retire them. He’s one to talk, as Old Stripey still takes up space in his closet. Old Stripey is a short-sleeved button-down white dress shirt with bluish and reddish vertical stripes. It’s at least 20 years old, though I think I’m being kind with that number. The Boy doesn’t wear short-sleeved dress shirts–if it’s a short-sleeved button-down, it’s a Hawaiian shirt.

Why is it so beloved that it has a name? Well, we live in New England in an apartment with closets that any HGTV-home-searching couple would reject in an instant, so space is at a premium. We don’t really have the room to house clothes that we don’t really wear.

I was cleaning out one day, and since I’d never seen him wear this shirt, I thought maybe he’d want to donate it.

“Not Old Stripey!”

“What?! This shirt has a name? And you think it still fits?”

Gauntlet thrown, he squeezed into Old Stripey, and by some miracle, no seams ripped or buttons popped off.

“See! It fits! We’re keeping Old Stripey!”

OK, we’re keeping Old Stripey. He’s been hanging out with us ever since. Never worn, but the proof of fit still happens on a regular basis.

Needless to say, based on Old Stripey, I can keep my socks for a while longer. Sure, I don’t really need to keep this particular pair–my sock drawer is full of socks that are in much better condition. Why keep these?

Well, one day I put them on thinking that my heel would poke through immediately, and that didn’t happen. Then I thought for sure the threadbare area would rip in the wash. That didn’t happen either. Now the question is, how strong is this amazing thread?

So far, they’ve lasted the entire winter, with no signs of ripping. I wear them at least once a week–more if I do laundry more often–so they’re getting regular use. Can they go the entire summer? Can they make it to 2018? Looks be damned, that’s a challenge I want to try.

Unless I make a bargain with Old Stripey.





Oh, Yeah….That’s Right

19 Mar

Hey friends,

We’re a couple of weeks away from Easter, which means I should be halfway to a clutter-free house, right?



Normally this pile would have one more pair of shoes, but I’m wearing them. Oops.


The scarf and hat have managed to escape from their bin–again–even though no one’s worn either lately. That orange envelope is a Halloween card from Ma Jaracz, which I’m tempted to keep because it says, “Want a good scare this Halloween? Sit down and make a list of things you do exactly like your mother,” which is more truthful than I want to believe. There are also a few strategically placed piles of things that I’m going through after finishing up my taxes and a big roller derby project. What’s preventing this table from not being more cluttered is the fact that it’s simply a piece of plexiglass resting on wood, so you can’t set anything heavy in the middle because the whole thing will probably fall apart (we’re trying to reshape the wood piece that the plexiglass actually fits onto, which you can kind of see on the floor–the table and some weights have been sitting on it all winter long).

Those pictures are just part of the kitchen. I’m not going to show you the pile of mail (mostly magazines that can’t fit into the magazine rack because it’s too full), the crazy stack of books I took out from the library, or my office, which got partially dismantled while I dug out receipts for my taxes.

But my taxes are done. And I’ve gotten our bill binders decluttered and have a (hopefully) better system set up to make next year easier. Moving last year definitely did not help, nor did getting a new home office space that requires complex algebra in order to figure out its square footage (props to the Boy for spending an evening measuring and doing the math).

In terms of the challenge though, I’m woefully behind. It probably hasn’t helped that I still haven’t printed out the chart that helps plan the attack. That would probably be a good visual reminder, and maybe I’ll do it at some point. I’m not going to beat myself up though–I actually have made a little bit of progress with cleaning out a few drawers and getting rid of some paper. I’ve also managed to check off a few things on the “to do” list that have piled up–and honestly, I think that helps more than one would think.

I’ll keep at it, that’s for sure. And I’ll keep you posted. Have I mentioned that I got my taxes done?

Your pal,


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