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Make It With Love

6 Oct

This is a cucumber martini I had in Washington, DC, this week. It was delicious — gin, elderflower, cucumber and black pepper. So tasty!

So tasty that the next night, I talked the Boy into taking me for another. Only this time it wasn’t as good — tasted like it had been made at a sports bar or beer-and-shot place (where you shouldn’t order cocktails).

I understood — the place had been busy, the bartender seemed a little harried. But I also then understood how much of a difference it makes to take a few extra seconds and focus on making the drink in front of you — measuring it out right, shaking it just so, straining it, making sure the garnish is on (I’d had to ask for the pepper the second night, which I wasn’t thrilled about–and neither was the bartender, who had to trek around the restaurant to find the pepper grinder).

It’s that kind of deliberation and focus that makes everything better–not just cocktails. A lesson for everything in life, I think, especially when it’s so easy to be harried and fractured with every other part of life these days.

Of course, as I type this, I’m not really even taking this lesson to heart, since I stopped typing to look at an incoming email on my phone. But I can try to improve, to make what I do cucumber-martini-better. Hold me to that, OK?

Want….or Need?

24 Jul

Today I went to the hardware store to pick up some picture hangers. A trip to the hardware store is never really a quick visit because they’re full of “a hardware store has that?!?” and I find myself wandering around, looking for discovery.

This trip was no exception. I’ve decided that I’d like to have a grill. The Boy and I recently moved to an apartment that’s a little more grill-friendly than where we were living. We have a great back porch that we just built a table for, and our parking area has plenty of room for a little grill. I’m dying to cook things over flames.

The hardware store was the perfect opportunity to check out grills. My, they’re fancy. I just want a little one — one that I can stand at, through some charcoal on, and if we can’t move it when it’s time to leave this place, it’s not a big deal. That’s all I want to see when I look at grills. I don’t want to see eggs or smokers or massive outdoor kitchen setups that would make me drool. I’m excited that my new place has a dishwasher. I don’t need to acquire grill envy.

On my way back to the grills, something else caught my eye: A propane torch kit. The label sounds innocuous, but we’re basically talking about a flamethrower that you hook up to a propane tank. Ostensibly to kill weeds, but we all know there’s got to be other uses for your flamethrower.

I didn’t stop–I went back to grills. I saw what I wanted, but it didn’t have a price tag. And I saw a million other beautiful grill setups I would love to have someday. My imagination was reeling.

Of course, I had to walk by the flamethrower on my way out of the store, and I stopped to get a good look at it. And then I wondered what I could do to justify purchasing one. It was made in the USA, and the Boy loves when we can buy American. I looked at it longer, then polled friends on Facebook.  One suggested creme brûlée, and I realized I could try to get into the Guiness Book of World Records for the making the world’s largest creme brûlée.

A moment of sanity washed over me though, and I walked out of the store with no grill and no flamethrower. Check that – propane torch kit. Maybe someday. It’s something to shoot for.

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