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What’s Up With This? Shake Shack Edition

4 Feb

Time to introduce a new feature on the blog called “What’s Up With This?”, a segment where we talk about what in society I just don’t get. It might also be called the “Andy Rooney Audition,” because I’m starting to get old and grumpy. And my eyebrows are getting out of control. Grumblers, welcome!


Can someone tell me what’s the big deal about Shake Shack? Well, you don’t really have to tell me–I can read about it for myself.

I’ve been to Shake Shack once–happened to be near one, needed to eat and thought it was a good opportunity to see what all the fuss was about. Plus, I love a good burger joint. What did Shake Shake give me?

  • Good, fresh burger? Check!
  • Tasty shake? Check!
  • The opportunity to buy decent beer? Check (though beer + shake isn’t a good idea)!
  • Good service and a clean restaurant? Check!

So far, so good, right? But then:

  • Shitty crinkle-cut fries? Check.
  • Jaw-dropping calorie counts on the menu? Check.

Fries are a big deal. Shake Shack should know, since they tried to change them recently and all hell broke loose. However, their fries are crinkle-cut, which is the least satisfying fry experience. They have to be done just right–there’s an optimal crispness that a crinkle-cut fry can achieve. They can turn out too squishy, or they can quickly lose that crispness. I wasn’t really impressed with the batch of fries I ate, and since I consider fries as part of the burger joint package, it’s a big turn-off for me.

Likewise with calorie counts. Oh, I definitely appreciate knowing that the meal I ordered (single cheeseburger, small fries, small black and white milkshake) clocked in around 1600 calories, which is a good 100-300 more than I should be eating in an entire day. Thankfully, that meal counted as lunch and dinner, but it was still a major, major indulgence for me, one that I kind of want to avoid in the future. Granted, I rarely order milkshakes–and this one supposedly clocked in at 640 calories (think of the calcium!)–but even if I’d had water or a diet Coke, that’s still a pretty substantial meal for me. Doable, yes, but is it worth it? Eh, I don’t really know about that.

Ultimately, I probably would go again, but I’m in no rush to get in their line, which means no, you won’t see me there anytime soon. Maybe it’s me though–I’m not a big fan of Five Guys either (again, overrated, greasy fries). I like a good burger, most definitely, but perhaps most “good burger chains” aren’t my thing.

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