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They Only Come Out at Night

10 Nov

Sleep sock collection. Storing place: bed

It’s November, which means it’s starting to get colder here in Boston, and when you live in an old house, it means that at night it gets really cold. This is why I have an extensive sleep sock collection.

Sleep socks–and I’m not even sure if that’s the technical name for them; it’s certainly what I call them–are my saving grace during winter. If my feet are cold, I can’t sleep, period. The only thing that keeps ’em warm are sleep socks. I have a few pairs of fuzzy ones, but my favorite are these oversized slipper sock things that cover my feet without getting them sweaty.

And sweaty feet is one of the problems I end up having with sleep socks, so once my feet are warm enough, I tend to kick them off in the middle of the night. They hang out under the sheets at the bottom of the bed until I fish them out to wear again. Or don’t find them, at which point, I pull out another pair. Then I go to wash the sheets and find several sleep socks strewn around the foot of the bed.

Such is life right now. Remembering what the chill feels like and how to bundle up to protect yourself against it. I keep telling myself that even though it feels cold right now, when it’s this same temperature in February, I will be really excited about it.

The Last .05 Mile

2 Mar

February 2015 turned out to be a pretty rough month for fitness. Boston’s had a crazy amount of snow so far–over 100″. We’re very close to the all-time record, and having gotten a couple more inches last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if we topped it. The snow, paired with some bitterly cold weather, have made being outside pretty miserable most days. The MBTA is barely functioning, so the Boy’s commandeered our car in order to get to work.

I have managed, however, to get outside every day for at least a little while. I haven’t done the “at least three miles a day” that I did in January, but the goal of doing 100 miles outdoors was something I did want to do. On Saturday, I tiptoed and slid across ice, climbed over mounds of snow, and walked through the trenches (literally)–all of which is old hat by now–in order to get my last bit of mileage. Walking a mile can take a half-hour sometimes, since not everyone’s very good about shoveling or melting the ice on their sidewalks. When it melts a little bit during the day and freezes at night, it’s even harder to move around. I constantly fear slipping and falling and getting a concussion (this has happened to a friend), and there are some routes that I just can’t walk because the way is so treacherous.

So on Saturday, it was clear and beautiful–and frigid. I was only wearing one layer of pants, two layers of socks, two layers underneath my winter coat, two pairs of gloves and a hat, and I was still so cold. I walked to the train station, met friends in Cambridge for lunch, wandered around there waiting for the train home, then walked from the train station back home. Then I totaled up my mileage for the month–and discovered that I’d done 99.95 miles.


This meant another round of bundling up, another round of walking, just to get that last bit of mileage–and yes, I realize I could’ve done laps in the driveway, but that’s not the point. I had to go somewhere, I felt I had to have some bigger purpose to the walk than just .05 miles. The Boy and I ended up walking to dinner, which at least was a nice way to wrap it up.

Two months down–and February’s probably the worst because it’s the shortest. Time to move onward.

Snow Maintenance

3 Feb

We got another foot of snow yesterday, with apparently a few more inches on the way over the next week. Cold temperatures, meaning it’s all staying put, which, if you’re running a ski shop or an outdoor ice skating rink, that’s fantastic, but if you live in a building in the Boston area and need access to a car, driveway or sidewalk, you’re running out of places to put the snow.  We’ve now moved into what I call the “snow maintenance” portion of winter, which means solving the problem of where to put it. The piles where we put the snow dug out from around our car are about as tall as I am right now, so if we get anymore snow, it will be really hard for me to dig out the car. I’m contemplating spending time moving some of that pile to the middle of the yard. Part of me thinks that’s crazy though. We’ll see.

At any rate, I wanted to share a picture from last night. I dragged the Boy out for a walk. Near the end, we went through an unshoveled section of sidewalk, and I was in snow that was over my knees. Viva la winter!


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